justice league: rising action


JUSTICE LEAGUE: RISING ACTION will be a long-form web-series and will take some time to prepare and produce. So before the story begins, Blackveil Entertainment are producing an array of short films featuring a melange of the key characters, to help establish the tone of the story and the nature of the world around them.

The Road to JL:RA begins with Superman: President Luthor and will continue with Batman: The Hole and Wonder Woman: Interview With the AmazonAfter these shorts establish our 'trinity', subsequent pieces featuring other League members will follow.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: RISING ACTION is a fan-produced series and is not authorised by the IP HOLDERS or their LICENSEES. As not-for-profit productions, all proceeds from the crowdfunding/subscription initiatives will be utilised in the productions themselves. The possibility remains that JL:RA will face a legal challenge and be forced to cease production, at which point crowdfunding will be discontinued and all backers will be refunded their last payment where possible.

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