Writing Team

Jillian Miles
(Chief Creative Officer)

A self-taught writer, Jillian has experience working as a screenwriter, a prose writer, a critic, journalist, a comics scribe and a Tweeter. She manages (and frequently generates) the vast array of Blackveil projects while lending her pen to a number of them.

Magen Cubed

(Script Editor)

Magen Cubed is a novelist, occasional critic, lazy academic, known Fannibal, and your local goth girlfriend. She writes books about monsters and the people that love them. Magen also lives in Florida with her girlfriend Melissa and a little dog named Cecil.

Sean Hodges
(Editor-In-Chief at escape//velocity)

Sean's influences range from old-school pulp fiction authors to radical philosophers, and his style is technical - elements of theme and character assembled into a 'bigger picture'. When not writing, his interests include modern history, wrestling, and accidentally cutting his fingers while trying to put plastic models together.

JUSTICE LEAGUE: RISING ACTION is a fan-produced series and is not authorised by the IP HOLDERS or their LICENSEES. As not-for-profit productions, all proceeds from the crowdfunding/subscription initiatives will be utilised in the productions themselves. The possibility remains that JL:RA will face a legal challenge and be forced to cease production, at which point crowdfunding will be discontinued and all backers will be refunded their last payment where possible.

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