"What happens when your best friend is the most powerful man in the world?"

In a landslide of unprecedented scale, tech billionaire Lex Luthor has been elected President of the United States - which puts him in an ethical quandary.

Luthor's closest friend is Clark Kent, better known to world at large as Superman. And both men are facing the challenge of reconciling their enormous responsibilities with the geopolitical implications of their friendship.

And then Leviathan strikes...

JUSTICE LEAGUE: RISING ACTION is a fan-produced series and is not authorised by the IP HOLDERS or their LICENSEES. As not-for-profit productions, all proceeds from the crowdfunding/subscription initiatives will be utilised in the productions themselves. The possibility remains that JL:RA will face a legal challenge and be forced to cease production, at which point crowdfunding will be discontinued and all backers will be refunded their last payment where possible.

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