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E//V in brief

ESCAPE//VELOCITY is a pulp fiction magazine - or at least, a website that aims to capture the spirit of the pulps. Every quarter, we'll release a new 'issue', stuffed to the gills with fiction of all shapes and sizes - fantastical worlds, colourful characters, massive monsters, the works.

We pay by the word - on a tiered system designed to encourage a variety of pieces and reward our writers for their efforts. For works under 2500 words, we pay 10 cents (or the direct equivalent) per word. For pieces exceeding that - running up to 10,000 words - we pay 5 cents per word.


For longer, serial fiction - which we encourage! - we pay a flat rate of 10 dollars per chapter (running up to 12 chapters) and 2.5 cents per word, for pieces running as much as 25,000 words.

To make the magazine feel more 'comprehensive', our contributors are encouraged - when writing short fiction (anything less than 10,000 words) - to adhere to a quarterly theme. The inaugural issue, due to release in March 2019, will be based around the following: 'the space between spaces'. In the meantime, individual pieces will be released once they have passed through editing.

To begin the submission process, click the button below and outline your story - plot, characters, theme and similar - along with the projected word count!

Best of luck to you all!

Jillian Miles 

Chief Creative Officer

Blackveil Entertainment

JUSTICE LEAGUE: RISING ACTION is a fan-produced series and is not authorised by the IP HOLDERS or their LICENSEES. As not-for-profit productions, all proceeds from the crowdfunding/subscription initiatives will be utilised in the productions themselves. The possibility remains that JL:RA will face a legal challenge and be forced to cease production, at which point crowdfunding will be discontinued and all backers will be refunded their last payment where possible.

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